Name :   John
From :   Xenia, Ohio
Comment :   If you are looking for a great place to stay, look no longer! Thank you for all the little things you help us with and the great hospitality during our stay!
Name :   Leslie
From :   Niles, ohio
Comment :   Randy and Vivian you guys are great. If your looking for a great place to stay and people that will treat you like family this is the place. Everything is pretty close and I thought it was great just to be able to ride around town and not get pulled over
Name :   Tanya
From :   Pennsylvania
Comment :   Randy and Vivian are the best hosts ever. Felt like family and cant wait to come back and visit. Between good trail riding and good cooking dont know whats better.
Name :   Paul & Anita Morgan
From :
Comment :   This was our first staying here at the Livingood Lodging. Thank you for the wonderful time. We will be back again
Name :   Tammy
From :   Pottstown, PA
Comment :   6/29/06-07/03/06.. Randy and Vivian you guys are the best.. I have never met nicer people then you two. Thank you for everything you have done for us during our stay. I hope to come back again and i would never recommend staying anywhere but here.
Name :   50 cen
From :   Germany
Comment :   I like your site because of the very nice posts you have
Name :   katie petrozzo
From :   grundy,va
Comment :   what a great time we had and a pleasure to sleep in a nice bed at the end of the day!randy and vivian couldnt be nicer.we will be back soon.katie ,josh,and michell
Name :   Scott R
From :   atv traction erie pa
Comment :   what a great place to stay very nice clean and friendly people (randy and vivian)the gilbert house was spotless and very close to the trail head.
Name :   Art Heber
From :   Rising Sun ,IN
Comment :   This is one of the best places we stayed.Randy &his wife are some of the friendliest people Ive met(thanks for the bananna bread). just to tell a small story , while I was there Icut a 2gash in my right rear tire on the second day.Randy being the great fe
Name :   Don Miller
From :   Akron, Oh
Comment :   Thanks for a wonderful place to stay. We rented the Gilbert house for two nights 2/10 through 2/12/06. Very clean and snacks to boot. Randy and Viv are top notch. To stay anywhere else would be a waste of money. Thanks again, Summit Trail Riders
Name :   Lawrence
From :   Garfield Hts. Ohio
Comment :   Looks like a nice place, checking places out to stay in for a future visit(May) to do some ATVing. Thank-You
Name :   Grizz
From :   Midland,Pa. ATV Traction PA.
Comment :   My 2nd trip,Lookin foward to 3rd in May 06. All had a great time. My Son Jim couldnt believe you could ride ATVs in town. Like to thank Randy & Vivian for everything, they are great people& great host. Highly recommend staying here
Name :   Over the hill Gang
From :   ATV Traction PA.
Comment :   The Hosts are the best!! already booked trip number 3 with Randy & Vivian for the Spring of 2006, 14 members of ATV Traction were just there on the 29th of OCT. and we loved every minute of it, the only problem are the weekends are to short ! Highly recco
Name :   Scott & Cindy
From :   Aberdeen ,MD
Comment :   I have stayed at Livingood Lodging 3 times and Randy & Vivian are the best people I have ever met we Love them to death I would stay no where else when coming to Gilbert. We will be back many times .
Name :   Leslie Trent
From :   Gilbert , WV
Comment :   Hey Vivian and Randy . Website looks great. Wish I could live in one of the lodges they look so good.. and they couldnt have any better owners/hosts. God Bless. Leslie
Name :   Dutch, Janet, Jimmy
From :   Roslyn Heights, Long Island N.Y.
Comment :   Great time.Great hospitality from Randy & Vivian. Randy spent great time with us. Made us feel right at home. The Crekside was great clean and fun to be at. The ridding was also great and cant wait to come back next year. Once agian Thank You Randy & Vivi
Name :   Dennis n Carol
From :   North Carolina
Comment :   Thank you so much for a wonderful time in Gilbert. Your chalet was most excellent, your grilled chicken & rice was outstanding. A very enjoyable 3 days despite my wore out throttle hand. Glad we picked to stay with you and will be your friends forever.
Name :   Ray Merriman Over the hill Gang
From :   Beaverfalls, Pa.
Comment :   Spent a long weekend at Livingood and loved it, Hospitality was great seemed like family had a great time with Randy and Vivian , good conversation,good trails and lots of good food ! see ya in October for another ride.
Name :   Rex Mays
From :   Buena Vista Virginia
Comment :   
Name :   Craig
From :   Jubic
Comment :   Were coming down to ride for the 4th of July weekend and I heard it was great!
Name :   Glenn & Lisa Verity
From :   East Hamton L.I. New York
Comment :   Randy & Vivian are the best of the best.The trails are great!!!we will be back real soon.cant wait to hang with randy and vivian.the apple pie was great!
Name :   Amit
From :   New Jersey
Comment :   It was a great place to stay. Thanks Randy, for your hospitality. Thanks for the Photograph too.
Name :   David Hogue
From :   Lake Fork, Texas
Comment :   Randy and Vivian I just wanted to let you guys know that the hospitality was outstanding.Riding was great and the fellowship was even better.Hope to return soon.
Name :   Bruce, Kyle, Ronda & Donna Favors
From :   CF Thermal & Heat Treating Services Unlimited
Comment :   We could not have found a better place to host our first annual Southern Coal Conference. Randy & Vivian, you are the best! Our event was truly enhanced by your help and generosity, not to mention your wonderful personalities and that Mexican Fruitcake.
Name :   Charlie,Johnny,Brent
From :   Haymarket,VA
Comment :   We would like to thank Randy and Vivian for there gracious hospitality.They truly GIT-R-DUN!Look forward to seeing them later this year.Thanks again for a great time.
Name :   Randall
From :   West Virginia
Comment :   Very nice web site guys. You have done the place well.
Name :   Ray Merriman
From :   Beaver County Pa.
Comment :   Looking forward to spending a few days there riding in May . nice web site. nice pictures!
Name :   Mike Rowan and Mark Shaw
From :   Munroe Falls and Cuyhoga Falls, Ohio
Comment :   Guess we can only repeat what everyone else has already said, You guys are great and we had an awesome time!!!! Cant wait to get back down there. Keep up the good work and well see you all again soon! Thanks again!
Name :   Eddie
From :   Saint Leonard MD.
Comment :   The personal service was above and beyond anything that could be expected.The ride was good but Randy & Vivian were better we will be booking another stay soon
From :   Trenton, OH
Comment :   just checking the new pick. just recently visited you place for a quick recon. for our coming trip.
Name :   Lorraine
From :   West Virginia
Comment :   Hey Viv, This is an amazing Website. The pictures are fantastic. I am so glad that Livinggood Lodging is doing so well. I know that You and Randy are just the greatest people to run a business like this. I just have two question? Whats the menu for
Name :   Thomas Lester
From :   Huntington wv
Comment :   Love the new business, Gonna miss the trading center, it was a landmark.
Name :   margaret buchheit
From :   new haven mo
Comment :   You have done a great job remodeling the A-frame it looks great. You all always seem to have a knack for making it good at anything you try . Marg
Name :   Ruth & Mark
From :   Locust Grove VA
Comment :   What a GREAT weekend. We will be back so you can get our picture then. You are the best. See ya soon.
Name :   Tony and Jennifer
From :   Spring hill ,Fl
Comment :   Had a great time, the trails are going to be hard to forget. The Livingoods aare the great host. You wont be disappointed staying in Gilbert. Looking forward to going back.
Name :   Rita & John Reid
From :   Selma, NC
Comment :   We like to consider ourselves the regulars of the Lodge since we have already booked TWO more visits! Randy & Vivian are like family now and we cant wait to get back for more riding fun and friendship. P.S. Get the grill ready!
Name :   chris capps
From :   selma, nc
Comment :   Awesome place to go and ride!! Randy and Vivian are the best hosts ever!! Hope to see yall again soon!
Name :   Roy A. Fry
From :   Charles Town, WV
Comment :   Thanks Randy and Vivian for a nice clean place to stay. You have done a great job setting up these two rentals. Come visit us next at
Name :   Teena Kennedy
From :   Seattle
Comment :   Hey guys! Your site is great. Can I stay there when I come visit you, sis? Love ya! Looks like you have out-done yourselves.
Name :   john may
From :   
Comment :   randy and vivian,,wish u sucess with your new venture....good luck frome john and connie may and marie chapman
Name :   Keith and Charlene Allison
From :   Old Fort NC
Comment :   This is the best place in Gilbert to stay. We had a blast and Randy and Vivian are the greatest two people in the world. Both units are beautiful and have everything you need. The trails are great and everyone in the town is so nice.Livingood lodge is won
Name :   tim & gwyn
From :   tim & gwyn
Comment :   hello randy how are you hope to see you this year. tim chardon ohio. (smashed kawi driver)
Name :   robert allen
From :   kahoka,mo.
Comment :   Will be staying with you May 2,2007 for acouple of nights. In Chistian love Bob
Name :   Don Miller
From :   Akron, Ohio
Comment :   This is the best place to stay in all of Gilbert. We stayed 2/8/07 to 2/11/07 in the Laidback. Very clean. Randy and Viv helped with all your needs. The banana beard was great.
Name :   Woodsy
From :   Orange County, NY
Comment :   There is nowhere else to stay after youve been to Livingood Lodging!!! The best of everything with two great people always willing to make your stay the best it can be!!!Will be back soon for trips #4 & #5 at Livingood Lodging!!!
Name :   Stewart & Ruby Isom
From :   Walkertown, NC
Comment :   We really enjoyed our stay on the night of Nov. 17/18, 2006. This is a very good place to stay. Maybe we will see you again before too long.